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How do I remove my "about me" section from my page?

  1. I am setting up and managing a blog for a friend of mine. Right now my "About" section comes up at the bottom of each post and it says posted by DairyCarrie I would like to not show that info. Is there anyway to remove that?

    I also would like to remove the RSS Feed button from the blog. So if you know how to do that, let me know!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The blog linked to your username does not display author profiles as you describe.

    On the actual blog in question go here > Users > My Profile and remove everything in "About you" then click "update profile" to remove the author profile that appears on only a few themes here.

  3. All WordPress blogs are equipped with multiple feeds and removing RSS icons does not renove the feeds. They still exist and the format of them is well known. As I don't know which blog or which theme you are refferring to please use this link >

  4. Sorry, the blog I am referring to is

  5. Hi there,
    The instructions I provided above will remove the author profile from appearing below each post. > Users > My Profile and remove everything in "About you" then click "update profile".
    Happy blogging :)

  6. Thanks for the help on the About me and RSS questions.

    Do you happen to know how to remove the line that says posted by DairyCarrie?

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