How do I remove my profile picture from my header?

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    I updated my profile for my new blog. After this, I looked at my blog and my face was floating in a circle over top of my header. Now I cannot remove it. It looks silly. How can I get rid of it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @lorenmichaelbyelich

    It looks like you solved the problem yourself. Congratulations! Let us know if you need any other assistance.



    Actually, the problem is not solved. I still have a circle floating in front of my header image. I don’t want to have a circle in front of my header image. Moreover, I needed to take my face off of my profile picture so that my header image did not look goofy. So now I have a silly header image blocked by a circle and no profile picture to display.



    Hi there,
    You can edit your profile picture from the link down below:

    Let me know if this helps.

    Sunil Chauhan


    No, it does not. Let me clarify. I set up my blog with it’s own header photo. It looked good. The next day, I set up my profile. I went to my blog after this and there was a floating circle, with my face on it, hovering over top of my header photo. I do not want a floating circle with my face on it hovering over top of my header photo. This hover photo, furthermore, does nothing except restart the blog page. It seems quite useless. I can click and move it. But I cannot get rid of it. I am not sure why it is there.


    No worries. My 15 year-old solved the issue. For anyone else who has this problem, there are things called Gravatars that produce circles that float over your headers. You can turn them off in the Customizer in Themes by deleting the email for the Gravatar.



    Hi @lorenmichaelbyelich ,

    I’m sorry I misunderstood your initial enquiry. I am happy you seem to have found your solution! I will post the following information for anyone else who may stumble across the same issue.

    The theme you are using, Independent Publisher 2, displays your Gravatar Profile Photo in a circle in your site header. Details about this feature, how to change it and how to remove it can all be found on the theme info page, linked above, under the section “Gravatar Profile Image”.

    If you are unfamiliar with Gravatars, then the following support page may be of interest, too.
    Gravatars — Support —

    Finally, congrats to your teenager for figuring this out for you!

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