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how do I remove myself as administrator from a blog?

  1. I started this blog for a local group... now I am no longer with the group. I have put someone else as admin for the blog but would like to remove myself totally from it. I have other blogs with WP, so I don't want to delete my account. Every time I try to take myself off or change my role (say to contributor) it won't let me. Is there any ways to do this short of deleting the blog and having them start over fresh? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What's happening is that you cannot "downgrade" yourself, it has to be done by the other admin user(s). He should be able to remove you from that blog or at least downgrade your role.

  3. OK, so the new admin lady tried to take me off... and no go still. Can WP do this for us or is there another way...? Thanks!

  4. Have you transferred "ownership" of the blog to someone else?

    Maybe the issue is the owner (you) not being able to be deleted?

  5. The creator of the blog can only be removed by staff.

  6. So, as the creator of the blog, who do I need to contact in order to be removed?

  7. You can contact support here:

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