How do I remove, search box and all the following stuff…

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    How do I remove, search box and all the following stuff…
    Search box, META, Pages links, categories links, archives link… everything that is below search box + search box
    On the following page:

    Would be better if I remove that for future pages that I will create, if I have to do it manually for every page no problem too…
    Just wnat to get all that stuff out.
    I’m doing a very simple website, not a blog…

    Thank you.



    It’s on your “Widget” page on your dashboard. On the left hand side of the page you will see “Appearance.” Click that, then click “Widgets.” Then on the right side of the page you will see all the widgets currently loaded on your page.

    Drag and drop the ones away that you don’t want on your page.

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    Please look at the difference between WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM. I think you do not know that there are two different and separate flavors of wordpress blogging:

    The link you gave is a wp.ORG self-hosted site / blog. Our software on wp.COM is different and our answers don’t necessarily apply. Look for help here:


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    Please stop adding your “link signature” to every post you make in the forums. Your name already links to your blog, and it is poor manners to continue to promote your blog with every post you make here.


    Staff has said in the past it is a no-no and has deleted link signatures from forum posts.


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    Yes, I’m a mod, but not yet able to delete such things; i will add a modlook here.


    Yeah, I figured you had not been given your super powers yet. What color cape have you chosen?




    Hi Tess, I got your back I deleted the sig for you…

    Edit: @sawvell I went through and deleted your link sigs where they weren’t appropriate in your replies…

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