How do I remove site, page and menu from header in twenty twelve theme

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    Sorry to trouble you guys again but I was advised VIA the CSS forum to change themes (because of preview problems / was toolbox) because it has been retired.
    I have changed to the twenty twelve theme and have full control of CSS, but the coding in my style sheet to remove all titles, menu etc in the header for the toolbox theme isn’t working on the twenty twelve theme.
    I want to clear it all so that I can add my own bits in there.

    The blog I need help with is

    Thanks for your time.
    Bonny Reg

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi Bonny,

    As I mentioned on the other thread, it might be good for you to go with the “Start Fresh” option. From the dashboard, in the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS panel, check the “Start Fresh – Don’t use the theme’s original CSS” checkbox. This will give you a blank theme to work with, without hiding any of your content. You can then style and move things around as you wish, depending only on CSS. Why don’t you give this a try? It might be a easier path than hiding everything in your page.

    If I understand what you are trying to do wrong, please let me know and I’ll try to help you accordingly :)



    Ok Fabian; once again thank you for your reply.
    I was becoming a bit anxious about losing many months of un-published work in my pages and style sheet.

    I have copied it all, and will try the way you suggest.

    Many thanks Bonny Reg

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