How do I remove something I didn’t write from a post?

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    If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it. This:

    Possibly related posts:

    * France

    appeared in a post I just wrote, but it ISN’T related to the post, I didn’t write it, and would NEVER link to Michelle Malkin…

    and I can’t figure out how to remove it. There isn’t any html that I can see.

    The post it is happening to is here:

    than you!



    It’s a new feature. Go to Design – widgets and check ‘don’t show links’.



    Sorry – make that Design > Extras.


    I don’t see an option marked “don’t show links” when I go to Design, then Widgets…



    I corrected myself. Extras.


    thank you!

    I found it, but tried to reply to quickly here and wordpress blocked me out for a little bit or something.

    it does look like either we promote trash like links to Michelle Malkin, or we lose out on the thing that made wordpress a leading blog platform.

    and it really was cute to deal with the launch of this new “feature” on a weekend when the wordpress support is closed.

    we already host so much advertising with the Snap Preview feature, it really is too bad that we now need to either give up autonomy over our writing and host racist and offensive content or become relatively invisible to the internet.

    I suppose if WordPress had figured out a way to make it a choice that didn’t involve radical right wing propaganda, it would have been easier to agree to use and test this new feature.

    but linking to Malkin, that just makes it impossible. Ultimately, we write to be read, and if WordPress wants to block that feature from its blogs, it does seem that if anyone actually wants to write, we’ll have to find a platform that doesn’t make us agree to support ugly and hateful propaganda in exchange for the privilege.

    there’s money, and then there is what is ultimately more valuable than money, I suppose.



    I certainly understand your objections but on the other hand, there is a very long thread here going back many months requesting Sphere related content. Who knows how many other people requested it by contacting support? (the preferred way) That’s what this is, Sphere, albeit without an icon giving readers the option of clicking it or not. I really don’t know if that’s possible on a mu platform.

    But my point is..I don’t think wordpress’s responses to requests for enhancements…whether they are added or not…will ever be appropriate for every blogger. Nature of the beast.


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    I’m hoping that they will give us the option of removing links that are irrelevant or offensive with the new “possibly related posts” feature. You can turn it off for now at least.

    Also, you can turn off the annoying “Enable Snap Shots on this blog” by removing the check-mark under the “extras” menu. You can also turn it off in blogs you visit by clicking on the tiny little gear-like icon. I think you can even turn it off for all blogs you visit.



    I totally agree with you 1tess. Who wants the irrelevant or offensive links showing up in his/her post? So hopefully can improve these Extra features for us – bloggers; yes it would be nice if we could select the relevant links to be shown.




    I have that feature listed under design, but I haven’t seen any “possibly related links” listed for any of my posts. Is that unusual?


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    The “possibly related links” will only show up on new posts that you made since this new feature was added. Not on old posts.



    1tess – that’s not true.

    disembedded – you have to click on the post to see it. I see it on this post on your blog

    (Your blog is REALLY slow to load. You’ve got a lot of media on the front page. Might I suggest you reduce the number of posts shown on the front page? (settings>reading))


    I am not interested in having WP decide for me what “referrals” to place on my blog.

    I would be interested in having WP suggest to me – not to my readers – other blogs and/or posts plowing the same fields. If I found them interesting, I could add them to my blogroll, or link to them from my own posts.


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    It is true for me! I was editing the text widgit on the left of my blog and clicked on almost every post in my blog today. The only one the new feature showed in was the post I made today. And that disappeared for a while this evening. Well, my time I guess it’s past midnight…

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