How do I remove spacing between paragraphs?

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    I am using the Twenty Ten theme and when I am typing, there is always a blank line separating paragraphs. My latest post, however, is a short story where I want it formatted so that there are no spaces between paragraphs like you would see in a book. How can I remove this space?
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    If, instead of hitting the Return key, you use Shift+Return, it will explicitly tell the Visual Editor that you don’t want to start a new paragraph, but instead want to force a line break.


    I should have been more specific. That works when I do not need indenting on my paragraphs, I use <p style=”text-indent: 45px;”> in HTML to make first-line indents on my paragraphs, but that also creates the spacing I have been mentioning earlier. [I don’t know much HTML yet, so go easy on me.] And using the spacebar multiple times obviously does not work either. Is there a way to incorporate indenting without the extra spacing?


    You can use the
    <pre> tag to achieve what you want – indentation and line spacing.
    Check out how to use that tag in this writing and formatting guide. (It says it is for poetry but it applies for short stories as well.)


    I tried <pre style=”margin-bottom: 0px;”>, but all it does is create even more space when I switch to the Visual Editor. I look back to see ” ” in between every line and <pre style=”margin-bottom: 0px;”> in the top line with nothing in between. What happened?

    Also, I tried the
    tag, but nothing happened. When I switch to the Visual editor and back, the tag disappears.


    Oops, I meant the /*
    */ tag in that last bit.


    “line break”


    It seems to me that there is something about <p style=”text-indent: 45px;”> that makes the visual editor create a line break above the paragraph, which I do not want. I tried <pre style=”margin-top: 0px;”> instead, but that did the same as “margin-bottom” as before.


    I just tried <pre style=”text-indent: 45px;”>, but apparently, the “pre” tag only works for one paragraph at a time since the first line indent only works for the first paragraph. But when I copy it to every paragraph, each paragraph is in its own preformatting box and paragraphs are changed into one giant line that will make the story harder to read.


    Which HTML style is causing the spacing in between paragraphs? I already tried “margin-top” and “margin-bottom”.


    Whoa. I put in

     #content p {margin-bottom: 0px;} 

    in the CSS Editor and I got the effect I wanted when I previewed it, but honestly, I don’t want to pay any money to keep the site going and I only want this overwrite on a few of my posts. Is there a free, alternate way?


    Wow, that was dumb. I just had to click “Preview Changes” instead of going back to the Visual Editor to see the spacing gone (finally!). Just a suggestion, but next time, reflect all the changes in the Visual Editor so I know it is there, okay?

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