How do I remove the featured image from my actual post?

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    I need to remove the featured image from actual post! Help please

    The blog I need help with is


    Did you insert the image into the post itself? You don’t have to do that for it to be used as a featured post. Just delete it from the post and make sure it is set in the “featured post” module in the editor window.


    I would like the image to be large not just simple thumbnail image. Look at this post to see what I mean CLICK HERE



    When you set it to Featured Image, did you select the Thumbnail size? Just go back and edit it to Full Size. Note that it’ll be snipped and resized on the main blog page; that’s how Featured Images work.


    It is set the featured image is set to the Full Size. I was reading other post about this problem and I think the duplicated feature image is a default.

    SUCKS but thank you I will work around it.


    Since you are using a premium theme, ask over in the premium themes forum where you have the ear of the theme team and the actual theme designer. You might look around over there in the existing topics as well as this might have been covered already.

    We volunteers in the main forums do not have access to the premium themes (unless we want to line Matt’s pockets and buy them all) so we know very little about them. We can help with standard wordpress issues, but theme specific features we have no clue about.

    Go to appearance > themes in your dashboard, and up at the top where it shows the theme you are using will be a link to the premium support forum.



    Can anyone advise? I want to remove flickr widget altogether from my blog but although I’ve deleted it, it’s still showing up on my blog. Help? Thank you.


    We can’t possibly help without a link to the site, and if it is NSFW (not safe for work) please let us know.

    Have you tried logging out, clearing your browser cache and cookies, restarting your browser and then taking another look?

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