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How do I remove the featured image from single posts in Autofocus?

  1. Please help. I've been searching for hours for answers to no avail and getting extremely frustrated. None of the threads on this forum have helped me.

    I want to remove the featured image as it appears above the title of my individual posts.

    I purchased access to the CSS for $30 dollars, it's not telling me how to do this.

    I've read to find the single.php and delete some code but I can't find the single.php.

    Where do I go? How do I edit? How do I get rid of that pesky featured image from my individual posts?

    Thank you so much for any help!!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. a) We don't have php access: you read advice that applies to self-hosted blogs, not blogs.
    b) Why do you set featured images if you don't like them?

  3. Thank you for replying.

    I want the images to appear on the home page, since Autofocus has a collage of photos on the homepage. A feature image is needed for this (I think).

    However, I do not want the image to also appear above the post in the individual pages. It just want to post itself to come first.

    Not sure if I'm explaining myself correctly. :-/

  4. You're welcome.
    No, you don't need featured images for the homepage collage. If you don't set a featured image to a post, the homepage will display the first image you have uploaded via the Add Media tool of that post.

  5. Thank you. Okay. That does work. Now things get more complicated, however.

    I would like to set a featured image, so I can control how the homepage collage image is cropped and how it's positioned, although it may not appear in that format in the actual post. Also, this lets me control how the image will look in the Category Archives.

    However, I still would prefer if the feature image does not appear above my individual posts. Is there a solution?

  6. You don't control how the theme crops and positions the images on the homepage and on category pages. I understand you mean you prepare suitable versions of the images yourself. In that case I was wrong and you do need featured images. You can easily hide them from the single post view via CSS editing, but this question must be posted in the CSS forum (so that it will be available to other users looking for the same answer).

  7. Thank you.

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