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How do I remove the "Filed Under" WordPress tag?

  1. How do I remove the "Filed Under" bit that appears automatically at the bottom of each post?

    It redirects to the WordPress tag of the post category when it's clicked. Rather than directing the reader to a list of similar posts from my blog under the same category, it sends the reader to WordPress's own tag compilation which lists the most recent posts across all of their blogs that used a similar category.

    I'd like to opt out of this and keep the redirects within my blog and not to the wider WordPress blogosphere.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry opting out is not possible. All categories and tags assigned to posts direct to the global tags pages. All categories and tags in widgets in your sidebar direct only to entries in your own blog.

  3. You could hide that line via CSS using the Custom CSS Upgrade:

    You could use the iNove theme, which allows you to turn off global tag links,

    or you could set your blog to block search engines, which will remove you from the global tag pages and make all your links local to your blog.

  4. Thanks for the answers.

    I don't have enough know how to go down the CSS route.

    It'd probably be easiest for me to alter through changing the theme. I didn't much like the iNove theme though. Would anyone know of any other themes that would let me turn off global tag links?

  5. Ok thanks anyway. Much appreciated.

  6. @abuilyaas
    You may wish to consider this. It's unlikely that the PageRank of your blog currently 3/10 will rival the PageRank of the global tag pages currently 7/10. IMO either failing to assign assign categories or tags and/or choosing to hide them is not to your blog's advantage.

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