How do I remove the navbar/toolbar?

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    I figure this is a basic enough question…
    I’ve purchased the upgrade so any help would be lovely, and thanks!



    You need to give us more specifics like what theme you’re using, what upgrade you’ve purchased, and what blog you’re talking about, with a direct link starting with http. Also, whether you’re talking about the blue admin bar which shows when you’re signed in or the header navbar on your particular theme. A link to the blog and specificity will help us solve this faster.


    Okay, yeah.
    So the link is or
    The theme I’m using is Ambiru.
    I’d like to remove the bar at the very top of the page that contains the options “Press This” etc for when people are viewing the blog. It’s okay if it’s there when I’m logged in. Please offer any help/links to how to resolve this! And thank you!


    OK, I just realized that when I log out and when people visit the page, they can’t see the toolbar. Forgive me, I’m used to Blogger!



    That bar cannot be removed. It’s only visible to people who are logged into and the most you can do is change the colour.


    And, when someone else is logged into their blog and viewing your blog, they do not have access to your blog through the blue admin bar, only their own blog.

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