How Do I Remove the Page Title from the Page for Skeptical Theme?

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    I am using WordPress to create a static website. ( It’s still private so I doubt you can see it. It’s built with the Skeptical Theme.

    I’m trying to get the titles of my pages (such as “Home” or “About Us”) to NOT show on the page. Right now, these titles are in huge bold text.

    My theme allows a custom menu and I did that, but the huge bold titles remain on the page. I did save the custom menu and I did select to use that menu. Is there something I can do to get rid of these titles off the page while leaving them in the Navigation Bar? Is these something I should have done with the custom menu that I missed?


    The blog I need help with is


    I have the exact same question. I am using fresh & clean theme and would like to not have page name show up on the page itself.



    See here, under “Other options, special cases and tricks”:



    PS If you have the Custom Design upgrade, you can hide the page titles via CSS editing.


    I DON”T have custom design upgrade. I’m doing this as a favor for a chapter of Romance Writers of America and they don’t want to pay for an upgrade for the CSS editing isn’t an option in this case. I’ll check out your other link. thanks



    @arkansascyndi: You’re welcome. Yes, I know you don’t have the upgrade – the PS was meant for joshuatreetables.


    @arkansascyndi- my apologies. I should have just asked my question separately from yours to avoid any confusion. Hope you got your issue solved- and thank you justpi/panos for the link to the tips page. Looks like lots of good info.


    Not a problem Joshua!

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