How do I remove the sidebar from all pages (but not from the blog) ?

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    I need to remove the sidebar from my site’s pages at .

    I am using the vigilance theme and have the Custom CSS upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is



    I will flag this thread so our Moderators move it to the CSS Forum for you. Since there is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support from only 2 volunteers I recommend that you read this article before starting your editing > Please be patient and consult tutorials found here > while waiting for a Volunteer to help you. :)


    There are several themes here that look similar to Vigilance that have “no-sidebar” page templates you can select in the “attributes” module in the page editor. That would leave the sidebar on post related pages (home, archives, categories, tags).

    To do it in vigilance would require the CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience.


    Sheesh, thanks TT, I need to have some coffee it appears.

    @avindrajayadav, I’ll look at the CSS and be back.


    First question would be do you want to remove the sidebar everywhere? or just on static pages but not the “blog” page?


    OK, the following assumes you want to remove the sidebar from only the static pages and leave it on the “blog” page and other post related pages. It removes the sidebar and widens the content area.

    .page #sidebar {
    display: none;
    #content {
    width: 970px;

    Gaaaaahhhhh! I definitely need coffee. There is a mistake in the above. Use the following instead.

    .page #sidebar {
    display: none;
    .page #content {
    width: 970px;

    Thanks a lot for your help! The code works correctly.


    And sorry for asking this in the wrong section, I was confused if there a way to disable sidebars other than CSS editing.


    You are welcome and not a problem, the moderators will move it to the correct forum.

    In some themes as I mentioned, you can use the “no-sidebar” page template and have full-width static pages, but Vigilance does not have page templates.

    Also sorry for being mostly asleep. Must remember to not attempt answering forum questions till after I actually wake up.



    Thread moved to CSS froum.


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