How do I remove the smiley face at the bottom?

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    How do I get rid of the smiley face at the bottom and move the “WordPress…Theme…Fonts…etc.” to the very bottom?

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    The smiley is actually the way tracks your site visitors.

    But I see you’ve posted this in the CSS Customization forum. While you shouldn’t remove the stats tracker, perhaps someone more knowledgeable with CSS can assist with changing its position.


    This will hide the stats smiley, but do be aware that staff have said in the past that removing it could affect your stats.

    #wpstats {
    display: none;


    Just a thought, what about changing the colour of the smiley so it’s transparent instead of removed. Stats are important to me, I’m not touching it.



    Good idea. I’m with you. There’s no way I would remove it. Stats are important. Anyway, it’s tiny and it’s unlikely that any of my visitors even notice it.


    What are the smiley faces for? What stats?



    Please always read the whole thread before posting into it. justjennifer supplied this above: The smiley is actually the way tracks your site visitors.


    Thanks :) I’ll look at the link



    Good. :) It’s important to learn how to use the support documentation. The search box here provides results from the support docs and from forum threads.



    Also note the Tags in the sidebar of these forum threads > Do your see the smiley face tag? If you click it you will find how many time this same question has been asked and answered >


    @shimworld, I thought about that, but it’s an image.


    In some themes you can mask it via coding in a text widget (but not in the themes kapansa and shimworld are using).


    Thanks everyone!

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