How do I remove the ‘Theme by…’ and ‘Blog at’ info?

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    I just purchased the Custom CSS upgrade, in the hope I can remove these four things at the bottom of my blog –

    > Comments Off
    > from → Uncategorized
    > Blog at
    > Theme: Vigilance by The Theme Foundry.

    Can you advise me how to do this please, as I cannot find any info on this specific subject.


    The blog I need help with is



    Removing the credit of the designer who made your theme and enabled you to use it for free and removing the credit of the company who hosts you for free are considered VERY poor form.

    Additionally; we advise people NOT to purchase the CSS upgrade unless they already know how to edit CSS well. There is virtually no support for it from volunteers, as only a couple rreally know what they’re doing with it.



    @raincoaster – If Jonathan Turley, one of the leading constitutional legal authorities in the U.S. has no problem with “Blog at” on his professional blog here why do so many people of I am assuming lesser fame have so much trouble giving credit to people that are helping them? Seems so tacky to me, not to mention rude and ungrateful.



    My blog has my name on it. The fact that WordPress and the theme’s creator get a mention too bothers me not at all. The question of why it’s even an issue eludes me totally.


    @phaedrus8, we can’t help without a link to the blog please.


    Add this to the CSS edit window.

    #footer p {

    This gets ride of the comment link and categories under the posts

    .post-footer .comments, .post-footer .categories {

    I’ve removed the credits on redesigns I’ve done for people, but at, I always either put credit into a text widget at the bottom of the sidebar, or I put credit on the about page. I somewhere always give credit.

    The thing is though, with GNU/GPL licensing, you do not legally have to keep the credits on the theme itself. The designer is however able to license their CSS and images under more strict licensing if they wish, so the credits and such have to stay in at the top of the CSS file (and any other files that they have more strict licenses on) in those instances.



    If you just want to remove the “comments off” text but keep the “leave a comment/x comments” for posts that have commenting enabled you should try:

    .comments span {display:none;}

    Likewise if you only want to remove the category link when the post is listed under “uncategorized” you should use:

    .category-uncategorized .categories {display:none;}



    And how do i get fonts bigger just there it says “2 comments” ? and remove “KOMMENTARER” on the top?

    Thanx :)



    Next time can you create a new thread if your issue is not related to a previous one.

    To answer your question, here is some code to try:

    .home .comments .head {display:none;}
    .home .post-meta .comments .body a {font-size:1.5em;}


    Thanx i will do that!

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