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How do I remove the top navigation menu?

  1. Currently still in test phase with my new static Welcome page. Using Nishita theme. There are two items in the navigation bar above the gallery slideshow of the Welcome page: the first is of a page I want to delete and the second is the link to the Welcome page. I want to put that kind of info down below in a footer.
    How do I delete or reposition the navigation bar in Nishita?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On another thread I gave you the link to my post on custom menus:
    It explains everything about this feature, including how to "Display no top menu at all" (bottom of post).

  3. Thanks, Panos. That took care of that issue.

    Overall this is a process of adjusting my blog design as I go along learning more of what the system can and can't do. Originally I thought there would be a clear feature on WP for linking pages by levels, but I can't find it. Custom menus, in a way I can't fathom?
    Let me explain the basic design idea. I want to set up a simple hierarchy of pages much like on a basic website where there is a top page (a static Welcome page) that has thumbnail images on it linking to corresponding 2nd level sub-pages that are also static. They, in turn, will have links to third level static sub-pages. (These sub pages do not have to be found under a menu. The user just clicks their way down as far as they like. So, how do I use custom menus or some other feature my bleary eyes have glossed over by mistake while spending an hour scanning your site? It is a very helpful site, but so extensive I've just got to resurface here to say, Is what I just described doable? If so, then how?
    (Right now I hesitate creating any new pages in advance for ordering.)

  4. Of course it's doable.
    You need to create the pages first (then give me their titles so we can speak in concrete terms).
    Do you want the URLs of the pages to reflect the hierarchy or not?
    And what about your posts? Where do they fit in this scheme?

  5. I created a sample. The home page of steveposts is the Welcome page: Under the full size gallery of photos there are two test thumbnail size photos: Gallery 1 and Gallery 2.

    At present only the thumbnail for Gallery 1 on the Welcome page links to a corresponding second level page. The URL for that second level page is

    On this Gallery 1 page there are several photographs up top for display purposes only, with text. Scroll down for two thumbnail photos that link to third level pages, respectively titled 'Series One' and 'Series Two'. At present, only the thumbnail link to Series One is operational.

    The URL for Series One (the sample third level page) is
    This page has three thumbnail photos; each will link to a corresponding fourth level page, and that will be it, with respect to levels below the Welcome page.

    Question 1: You ask, Do you want the URLs of the pages to reflect the hierarchy or not? Yes, so I can provide optional links for the user to go directly to a sub-level page. And a menu that lists the hierarchy would be good to have at the bottom of the Welcome page. (Before I didn't think that would be necessary, but now it probably would be important to have.)

    Question 2: How do you get images uploaded separately to line up in a horizontal row, centered or aligned left?

    Note: In most cases on these pages I am trying to duplicate a thumbnail style gallery. If each image in a thumbnail gallery I created could be made to link to a corresponding page, then I'd do that. But I don't believe that is possible.

  6. 1a) URL and menu aren't necessarily related. If you want the hierarchy to show in the URLs, you edit Series One and Series Two and set Gallery1 as their parent.
    1b) If you use the regular (top) menu of the theme, it will automatically display all your parent pages, with dropdowns to child pages, and dropdowns to their own child pages. If you create a custom menu, you can create similar dropdowns by arranging items manually, no matter if they are real child pages or not. But if you want such links at the bottom of the Welcome page, you'll have to create the links in the content of the page.
    2) To display three thumbnails in a row, you set the alignment of all three to left (and you insert them the one after the other with no line or paragraph breaks in between). You also need to switch the editor to Text (=code) and paste this after the third image code, to prevent the rest of the text from wrapping around:
    <div style="clear:both;"></div>

  7. Thanks. Working on it. Fixed thumbnail alignments per your info. But is there any way to shift a row of thumbnails as a set to center alignment; that is, after each was successfully inserted individually alignleft?

    And what is the code for text color? I'd like to insert that using 'text' option in edit. Also, text size.

  8. You're welcome.
    But let me remind something I pointed out in another thread: different questions should be posted as separate threads. This is a public forum: a thread isn't a sort of private chat between you and me or whomever happens to reply, it's supposed to be available to others looking for the same answers, so its content should correspond to its title.

  9. Okay. But you missed the first question in the last posting from me:

    "But is there any way to shift a row of thumbnails as a set to center alignment; that is, after each was successfully inserted individually alignleft?"

    Can you answer that here?

    I am starting another thread for the text color and size question.

  10. I didn't miss this question: I deliberately left it unanswered, because it was already off-topic and because it was an interesting question. I've never seen this question before, so I thought it deserved its own thread.
    Anyway, to center a row of images, set their alignment to none and enclose them in this code:

    <div align="center" style="width:auto;">
  11. Thanks for the code, but maybe I wasn't clear about what I meant by centering 'a row of images', because these line up as a vertical column using this code:
    <div align="center" style="width:auto;">
    I want the three images to be centered on the page as a horizontal row. Not a column.
    Or did I type the code in the wrong place before and after the three image codes?
    The page to check is

  12. You were clear and I was clear: "row" means horizontal group!
    What I did miss is that your images are captioned: my suggestion would work for plain images, not captioned ones. Captioned images have a very intricate formatting, plus the post editor doesn't display their actual code, so really centering a row of captioned images is very tricky. An easy roundabout way is to add the appropriate amount of left margin. So:
    a) In the Text editor, make sure the three shortcodes show up the one after the other, with no space or line break or paragraph break between them.
    b) Set their alignment to left again (Yeah, I know, sorry...)
    c) Enclose the three shortcodes in this code:

    <div style="width:margin-left:57px;">
  13. Ah, I'm really out of shape tonight...
    Typo above, should be:

    <div style="margin-left:57px;">
  14. That works. Thanks.
    57px was perfect for centering the three images. Further down the page I increased the px to 357 in order to move those two thumbnails to the center of the page directly under the centered text.

  15. You're welcome.
    Yup, you got it, the roundabout is not real centering, it's just pushing the content to the right.

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