How do I remove this accidentally created, empty blog?

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    The real WordPress blog is, hosted separately.

    When I created the link, I thought I’d be linking to that. I now realize the differences, but I see no way to delete the entry and restore the “no blog” state, to just use the as a linked site for my user name.

    Can you help?
    Blog url:



    Please follow this guide to permanently delete a blog. You can use the privacy option to temporarily hide a blog instead. We can’t revert blog deletion for any reason.



    Thank you for the quick reply. I guess it is not possible, then, to go back to the previous state of a couple of hours ago where no blog had been created.

    I did not intend to make a blog, though I have the account.

    I might decide to move the blog here at some time in the future. But this arrangement makes it so that I either can never do this, or I have to live with the “sort-of-private” blog (which is not private to me, of course) interfering with my own, by appearing on lists where my link would otherwise be.

    If I pay for my mistake by paying for site redirection, does my external WordPress blog show up on the list instead?



    That’s correct, the Site Redirect upgrade will forward your visitors from ‘’ to

    If you want, I can remove your blog completely, though this means that you cannot use “ again in the future. By that time you can decide to upgrade for a custom domain name , this gives you the ability to use any blog URL underneath a custom domain.

    Please reply to confirm.



    Hmm… I can apparently “use any blog URL” except mine.

    Had I not hit that button, I’d have been able to make the decision in the future.

    It might be worthwhile to put a warning up by the “Create a Blog Link” process that warns people that, even though it will accept a “link to my blog” instruction, it really doesn’t do that and creates one locally instead. Which you cannot get rid of without forever sacrificing your right to the name.

    I will live with the “private blog” hassle and hope some future upgrade will allow you to simply empty the blog link field.

    Thanks for the quick responses, even if the result is somewhat disappointing.

    One other possibility — can the entire database record be deleted or set to defaults, so that I can recreate it from scratch? The couple of subscriptions added tonight playing around are trivial.

    If all contents were set back to “new entry defaults” that would suit my purposes perfectly.




    Sorry for the inconvenience. I emptied your blog as requested.

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