How do I remove underline from links?

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    I just set up my blog and have an index page that links to my posts. It would be nice if the links didn’t have underlines on them, and I found out that I could insert the following line before each URL:

    a style=”text-decoration: none;

    However, doing this for each link is a hassle. Is there a way I could make sure there isn’t any underline for all the links on my page?


    The blog I need help with is



    We cannot help until you post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question.


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    sorry, i thought i had entered the link.



    Do you have the custom design upgrade? I don’t help with CSS but maybe it’s possible to use it to change this throughout the blog.



    no i don’t. i’m playing around before i decide if i should purchase it or not. Is CSS the only way to override the underline setting? I thought that if inserting a style=”text-decoration: none; into each url works, there should be a html function to add a block of code to format the entire page.



    there should be a html function to add a block of code to format the entire page.

    We cannot access and edit templates or theme files on free hosted blogs. This is a multiuser blogging platform and here all blogs wearing the same theme are using the same underlying template. Only Staff can access the files and edit as every edit affects all blogs using the same theme.

    Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?
    No. The Custom Design upgrade allows you to edit fonts and CSS only. You can change the appearance of a theme, but not its HTML markup, PHP code, or content. You can choose to apply your custom fonts or custom stylesheet to any of the themes available on Some themes, like the plain but versatile Sandbox and Toolbox, are blank canvases waiting for your custom fonts, CSS and images.


    What you mean by html in your last post above and what HTML means in the passage timethief quoted aren’t the same thing (adding style attributes is actually inline CSS, not HTML).

    As you’ve found out, to remove the underline of a single link, you change this:
    <a href=ETC ETC</a>
    to this:
    <a style="text-decoration:none;" href=ETC ETC</a>
    There’s no similar coding that would affect all the links on a page at once. To change the look of the links (or anything else) once for all, you need the Custom Design upgrade. Not worth buying it, in my opinion, if the only thing you want is get rid of the underline.



    Bummer that I can change a single link but not all the links in the page with just a block of code.

    Thanks so much for your help and advice!


    You can with the custom design upgrade. You can’t with straight HTML or inline CSS in a post or page.

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