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How do I remove/change two step authentication when I no longer have the old app

  1. I there. I have two step authentication on my login, however I have a new phone and don't have access to the old google authenticator app that my two-step authentication was registered to. I can still get in my account using SMS authentication, however I'd like to put the authenticator app on my new phone, however when I go into the settings to change/remove it it asks for a code from my the old app (which has now been deleted from the old phone!) Please help as I am trying to install Akismet as I'm getting over 20 spam comments on my homepage blog every day! Akismet needs to install a plugin, and I can't get it to go on with the SMS authentication method as it asks for the Google one and the SMS wont work!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have already tried both of those. For both you need access to the old phone/authenticator app.

    ie when you go to disable the two step authtication it says "To verify that you wish to disable Two Step Authentication, please enter your current authentication code, and click "Disable"."

  3. I ended up turning off the two step authentication using the backup codes, which i have access to as I can get int the account via SMS. I then turned it back on and opted for the SMS two step authentication method as it is not dependent on an app/phone, and I can always get an SMS, even if I lose the phone, as I can get a new SIM and put it in a new phone and be back in business!

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