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How do I Replace Image and Title?

  1. An image appears just to the left of my Page title - I'll like to at least replace the image - how do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Where exactly are you talking about, or did you already solve this issue?

  3. I think it's featured image.
    Try to add image to the post and set it as feature image.

    I am not sure id that what you want

  4. oh... the first time, i'm too :)) ... u can follow :

    Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Header -> Browse image -> Upload -> crop -> save changes .........done!

    Page title:
    Go to your Dashboard -> Setting -> General -> Site Title ( the first tab at General Settings)...... Done.

    View example at my blog:
    Goodluck to u (^.^)

  5. @tida19: a featured image applies to an individual post or static page and has nothing to do with the blog title.
    @beptubepgas: There's no Header section under Appearance when you use Albeo, because Albeo doesn't support header images. The little image fivecardstud is talking about is just a decoration of the blog title.
    @fivecardstud: to get rid of the image, you need to add this in the CSS editor (assuming you do have the Custom Design upgrade):

    .header h1 a, .header h1 a:visited, .header .LogoText h1 a:hover {
        background: none;
        padding-left: 0;
  6. @ Justpi: ohh... i don't know Albeo theme.
    I think all free theme of wordpress is the same.

    sorry, sorry....

  7. Thanks my friends - I finally broke through on this thanks to your help!

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