How do I repoint DNS for domain to another site hosted elsewhere

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    I’m taking over management of a site/domain that was originally created at WordPress, but we’ve decided to move it over to Moonfruit is telling me to do the following:

    www record: Point as a CNAME entry to ‘’
    Root or ‘@’ record: Point as an A record to

    but when I try to enter the ‘’ as the new DNS in WP Domain Manager, i get an error. And i can’t find anywhere to update the Root or @ record. Can someone please help me figure this out (in simple terms please, I’m a relative newbie at this!).

    Thanks so much!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is




    Hi raincoaster,

    I’ve tried those instructions, but still not getting the results I need. When I try to set a new nameserver, I get the error: Nameserver not registered.

    I’ve tried updating the Host Summary to add the CName entry and the Root or @ record and they’re both listed in the Host Summary, but the domain still does not take me to the new site/host.

    I also did a WhoIs lookup on the domain to find that it’s registered through WildWest Domains, but they say I have to go through WordPress for support.

    Any insight is GREATLY appreciated! Our event is coming up in a month and I can’t get the domain to point to our site. :(



    Hi there,
    I flagged this thread for Staff attention as you are not able to update the nameservers.



    I’ve also used the Custom DNS option to set:

    CNAME autodiscover
    A root

    Still going to the old site.



    timethief, et al.

    I’m still unable to get my domain pointed in the right direction and so far I’ve been unable to find a solution — and my time is running short! Is there any way for me to contact WordPress support directly for help in this? Sorry to be so persistent, but I’m starting to panic a little. :)

    Greatly appreciative of any help!



    To set the A record, please try these steps:

    1. First, log into your Domain Manager by following the instruction of the “Domain Manager Login” section here:

    2. Once you’re logged in, click on the domain name you want to edit.

    3. Under Nameservers, click on “Set Nameservers”.

    4. In the pop-up window, select “I have specific nameservers for my domains”.

    5. Replace any name servers listed with the following:


    6. Click on OK to save, wait a few minutes for the settings to go through, and then refresh the page.

    7. When the nameservers change, you’ll see some information under DNS Manager, and a link that says “Launch” – click that link to edit your DNS records.

    8. The A record of your domain should be listed as the first record on the list. In the Actions columns on the left, click on the pencil/notepad icon to edit the record (make sure you click on the icon for the same line that the A record is on).

    9. Finally, use the information provided to your by your new host to fill out the “Host Name” and “Points To IP Address”. The field labeled “TTL” should stay in the default “1 Hour” value. Click on OK to save the new record.

    That’s it – your new A record should go live after a short delay.



    macmanx, thank you so much! I’m almost there!!

    However, when I replace the nameservers and refresh, I’m currently only seeing “Temporarily unavailable” under the DNS Manager. Should I just be patient and keep waiting for it to update? I’m so anxious to get this working! :)

    I also have the Host Summary set to the A record and IP for the new host. Should I delete that or leave it?







    (Sorry – got so excited I must have hit Submit before I was done…)

    I’ve got it working now – pointing to the new site! Can’t thank you enough!!!

    Totally made my day and big weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    Thanks a million!



    You’re welcome!

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