How Do I Report A WordPress Spam Blog

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    For the last two weeks now specific blogs have spammed me so hard it’s not even funny. Now I have one specific scrapper that has scrapped my most recent post and put it on his blog with the exact same title. I searched to report his blog to WordPress (it’s a WordPress blog) I was unable to find how. How do I report such a person?

    What is upsetting to me is that he/she has not only scrapped entires written in humor and entries written about sports but he scrapped an entry no one with half a conscience would scrap. I’m angry. I’m offended beyond belief. I already know they do not target me, they scrap at will but come on, what he scrapped is wrong. It’s simply wrong. Can anyone at all tell me what to do? This has gone on too long and now he’s gone way, way too far. The offense is too great.

    Austin of Sundrip Journals


    Never mind, I found it. Sorry.



    If it’s a blog, when you’re logged in you can report it to staff by clicking the Blog Info link on the far right of the blue bar at the top of the blog. There’s also a report spam form.

    If it’s a blog using software, though, there’s not much staff here can do. You’d need to contact the blogger and ask them to remove it; if they refuse or ignore you, you’d need to find out who the blog registrant and host are and contact them with a DMCA notice. This link might help you.



    Sorry, didn’t see your post. Glad you found it.

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