How do I report identity hijacking and hacking?

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    I got a notification email saying that I “liked” my own post, Leftovers, but I did not click the like button. Someone else did it using my identity. The strangest part is the line of text included in the notification email:

    “You’re so vain. You probably think Leftovers is about you.”

    So how does a witty comment get into a machine-generated notification email? Not only has my identity been hijacked, the notification system has been hacked, too.

    for more details see my post:

    The blog I need help with is


    You can disable get instant feedback here > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings


    Rest assured that your blog has not been hijacked at all. Disable that get instant feedback setting and you won’t receive anything more from what I refer to as “the nanny”.


    Note: It’s a “this post is super awesome” bragging link for those who cotton to it. It’s part of the “Surprise Me” (Fun mode) box function and you can read about it here
    it used to produce a silly video but I don’t know what it does now as I immediately disabled it.
    By unchecking the ___ Fun “surprise me” feature which was on by default I got rid of it all. See here >
    > Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings
    Personal Options
    Fun ___ Surprise me. (Fun mode.)
    “Save Changes”




    I’d like to believe you, rather than thinking wordpress and gravatar have been hacked, but are you seriously telling me that “the nanny,” in the service of “fun mode”

    1) “liked” my blog post in my name and

    2) added the comment to the notification email “You’re so vain, you probably think [post title] is about you” ?

    If that’s the case I’m relieved and impressed, but still a little freaked out.




    I found that “feature” to be very annoying also and it was turned off after the first couple of cycles



    FYI, the “Surprise me. (Fun mode.)” option is and was NOT checked in my user settings at the time my post was “liked” by someone using my identity and I got the notification email with the “You’re so vain” comment in it. So If I wasn’t in fun mode, don’t I have to conclude that someone other than “the nanny” was responsible?

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