How do I report images/pictures to WordPress staff?

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    I have a client whose picture has been used on a WordPress-blog without his permission. He wants it gone from there. I’ve tried finding a way to contact the blog’s author, but have found none, so now I need to try and report the image to the staff here at WordPress, and ask them for help, but I just can’t figure out how to do that. What am I missing?

    Is there a guide for how to do this, somewhere on the site? How should I proceed with this issue, if there is none? Will I need to upgrade my account to pay for support in order to get help?

    I appreciate any help on the matter.



    Yes there is a guide and here’s the link to it > Content Theft – What to Do
    Please also note this as many people are not clear of the differences between blogs being free hosted by blogs and installs which are self hosted. >


    Hi. I tried to find the answer and have given up. I’m new to blogging and realize this is not the right place to ask my question but couldn’t find any other way.

    Can I take one of the photos from Twenty Eleven theme (pine-cone.jpg) and modify it? I want to replace the pinecone with a football.




    Themes and images used in them are under GPL licensing so I say the answer is “yes”.

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