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How do I reset my original CSS?

  1. I thought I'd try this CSS thing, but have cocked up the look of my blog. Is there any way I can reset the CSS to its original 'Misty Look' theme? Help!

  2. Clear the text field for your custom CSS, select "add this to existing" and save.

  3. On the dashboard, go to Design > Edit CSS. Remove everything from the text box, and select the option "Add to existing CSS". Save it, and you should be back to where you want to be.

  4. It worked. Thanks so much!

  5. trimanjuniarso

    thank's i 'll try it.

  6. My blog looks all cluttered... i dont know what actually had happened, but one fine day, it came to this. I tried the suggestions as above, but when i remove the content of the text box in EDIT CSS page and click ADD TO EXISTING CSS and try to preview it, i get no response.
    The link to the blog is
    I would appreciate help from u guys.

  7. If you've removed all the CSS and checked Add to existing CSS, you don't want to preview it, you want to Save Changes. Then your blog will be back to normal.

  8. i am sorry, but i dont see a SAVE tab anywhere... will it only be there if i get the CSS upgrade? I clicked on ADD TO EXISTING CSS but i dont see anything.

  9. i mean i dont see any changes...

  10. If you haven't paid for the CSS upgrade then nothing you've added to the CSS box will affect your blog anyway.

    The Save Changes button is only visible if you've paid for the upgrade.

  11. oh... so i guess there isnt anything i can do about it, right? :(

    well, thanks anyways,

    p.s. maybe i will start a new one all over again...

  12. You shouldn't need to start a new blog. If you haven't paid for the CSS then it will not have made any changes in your actual blog. All you can do is change between themes, and add or subtract widgets. All of it is reversible.

  13. As Rosclarke says - if you haven't paid for css, you cannot have made any serious design changes - is the blog in question the one linked in your name?
    (yes, it does not look entirely healthy..) please confirm, and we'll have a look at it.

  14. Hey forum...

    So I've bought the CSS upgrade (in order to alter my link fonts). However: as soon as I had bought it, my blog's layout changed (text size, color, and alignment...). I then reset my CSS and now it's back to normal, but my alterable CSS code has been replaced with a very lovely introductory message.

    Clearly I need to delete that text and replace it with the CSS from my chosen layout, right? That's what I thought. When I do that, though, it looks ridiculous and not like my blog (prior to tonight) at all.

    What now?

    Thanks, and cheers...

  15. When you put CSS code in that box you can do one of two things. Either you can add code to the existing stylesheet (best for minor changes) or you can start from scratch (if you have a whole stylesheet to import). If you try putting a whole stylesheet in and then check the box that says 'Add to existing stylesheet' that's when you'll get something ridiculous.

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