How Do I Reset Snap Shots?

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    I have several of my family members and friends web site links listed on my site. One of them changed the name of their site and the new page doesn’t show up in snap shots. The old page still appears with the old name.

    I tried finding a way to reset snap shots so the page with the new web site name will appear and everything fails. The web site page with the old name always appears.

    I removed the link and reinstalled it but to no avail. The page with the old name is embedded in the snap shot system and I can’t get it removed.

    Anyone have the fix?

    Thank You!
    Nascar Niche

    The blog I need help with is


    Please don’t post the same thing twice. I answered you in the other thread you started: .



    Yea, I got your post. I’ve never been on the WordPress forums before and am flustrated with the Snap Shots. I spent alot of time trying to get the popups to reset and it’s annoying.

    I’ll wait.



    Contact staff about them directly and ask about it. Tell them what you are seeing and not seeing so that they can log a trouble ticket on it and hopefully it will get the love it needs. I sometimes think they forget unless we remind them regularly.

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