How Do I Reset Snap Shots?

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    I have several of my family members and friends web site links listed on my site. One of them changed the name of their site and the new page doesn’t show up in snap shots. The old page still appears with the old name.

    I tried finding a way to reset snap shots so the page with the new web site name will appear and everything fails. The web site page with the old name always appears.

    I removed the link and reinstalled it but to no avail. The page with the old name is embedded in the snap shot system and I can’t get it removed.

    Anyone have the fix?

    Thank You!
    Nascar Niche

    The blog I need help with is


    The pages are cached and I have no idea how often the caches are updated. You will just have to be patient and wait a while.



    Thanks sacredpath, really appreciate the info. I’ve been waiting a couple of weeks now. I guess wordpress is so big the fastest server appears to operate slowly.

    Thanks again thesacredpath,
    Nascar Niche


    Actually the m-shots thing still isn’t solid and they still need to do some work on it. I think everyone is working on the 2.8.1 update to the wordpress.ORG software at the moment which is in beta 2.



    I guess I should have expected the Beta word to come up. I’ve been on alot of web sites and at least 2/3rds are in Beta or were in Beta doing updates for the last year or so. IE is in Beta with IE8 and bad things are happening on some sites, even Google. Everyone’s blaming the problems on IE but I went on Firefox and encountered some problems on websites so I have my doubts that it’s IE8.

    Oh well, I guess I’m getting good at waiting. These script changes and updates take forever and a day along with all the tommorrows in the future. :)



    The “beta” doesn’t apply to wordpress.COM, only to the self-hosted version of the software, which is different. It will be several weeks before the wordpress.COM equivalent of 2.8.1 hits here.



    Hey, I used that support email link you gave me and I did just that. I emailed them and they emailed me right back within 10 minutes. Now that’s support! Can’t beat it with a stick!

    Anyway, they stated the same thing you stated. The old snap shots is out and the new Mshots is in. They stated that’s the reason why I can’t reset the pop ups in the snap shots. When I’m logged in the new Mshots appears with the correct web site page. When I’m logged out the old snap shot pop up appears with the old web site page.

    Logged out —-> Old snap shot version with old web pages

    Logged in —-> New Mshots pages with updated web pages.

    They stated it won’t be to much longer until the new version is fully installed. I give that a couple of months from past experiance with sites doing updates and installing new functions. Hope it goes faster than I expect it to.

    I hope other members read this and get the knowledge they seek. All the time I spent messing around with the old snap shot won’t be wasted.

    Thanks again!
    Nascar Niche

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