How do I restart building my website from scratch?

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    I want to restart buliding my site from scratch! I’m failing to undo some things I experimented on! I can’t delete on of the photos. Infact I just want to be able to restart experimenting from scratch as and when I feel like it. Is it possible?

    The blog I need help with is


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    Here is how to empty the contents of your site:

    If you have a lot of content staff can do it for you. Please post here if you need staff assistance.


    I did that right, I emptied out my site but the theme and any customizations I made stay intact as explained on
    I want to get rid of those too. I want the site to look just the way it did before I started working on it.


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    You can get rid of your customizations. Here is an article about editing your CSS. As for the theme, once you delete your CSS changes you can choose any theme you want.


    I think I need help, please.


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    Did you pay for a design / CSS upgrade and use it?

    This should get you to any CSS you have edited:
    Just delete what you have added to the CSS.

    As a volunteer, I have no way of knowing what your original theme was. Your site is too new to find on Google, not to mention that it is private.


    lol Thanks! No I didn’t pay for anything. I’ll try and get round this.


    Hie I invited you for help with my blog. I added you as an administrator temporarily. I can’t get my way round anything, it either says ‘page not found’, or ‘error in restoring page’ or something like that. The original theme was simple and blank with a home page and News page and a grey background. Thanks .


    OMG you fixed it!! Thank you so much. I’m still an amateur at this. I don’t really get what you are as a moderator, and how you are a volunteer, I thought you worked for wordpress, but that’s probably besides the point. I’ll remove you now as an administrator, but really thanks. Out of interest what had I done wrong? Why were all my pages inaccessible, just so I don’t make the same mistake newt time.



    Don’t EVER make strangers Admins of your blog.

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