How do I restore deleted media library items?

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    I deleted items from my media library not realizing that it would remove those images from my posts. I read in a forum post ( that they restored the blog to a previous version, so to speak. What are my options with this? I’m not sure when I first deleted items from the media library, so I don’t know if it is my best option.

    Thanks for any help you can give!



    Do you recall the URLs for the deleted files, or the filenames?


    Most of them, but not all. Photos for the older posts are more difficult to locate.



    Ok, can you list the deleted file URLs or filenames here?


    I can do that, if necessary, but there are quite a few. Are there any other options? Am I able to have the blog reset to before I deleted the photos? Can you tell me when I first deleted them? Then maybe I can decide if it is better to list all the filenames or repost the blog posts we wrote after I started deleting the photos. Thanks for all the help!



    Ok, if there are several, then there is a strong likelihood that we won’t be able to recover them anyway. Once files are deleted, we start removing backups in a rolling process.

    It might be better to just re-post the photos in this case.


    ok. :) I’ll start that process. Thank you!



    You’re welcome!

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