How do I restore my lost website?

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    how to restore blog

    I had an issue with and my hosting got cut for a day. Ive taken care of that end of the problem. Also changed the nameservers back to

    When I go to my paid domain name the only thing that comes up is that isn’t registered, and asks if I want to.

    Im not sure what to do, and actually this is the second time its happened. The first time I started completely over, but I don’t think I have the patience or time to do it a third time.

    I really hope someone can shed some light on this; as this is my business website.

    For the time being im going to just have the webpage redirected to another, but I need to have my business site back.

    The blog I need help with is



    Now that domain points to an Etsy shop; is that what you wanted to happen?


    No not at all. I have it redirected there for now just so Its going to a blank wordpress, site or godaddy, site. I did mean to set it that way for now though. If thats what you meant.



    What is the underlying URL that you’re trying to attach the custom domain to? You can’t use a custom domain here without attaching it to a blog of the format of I need THAT URL.


    It used to be Then i bought the domain name through godaddy. Upgraded my wordpress account to get rid of the .wordpress.



    I can see that you have two threads on the same issue and staff is now helping you via email, so I’ll leave it to them.


    Yeah i wasn’t sure i had posted the right question. I really appreciate you taking the time to at least start answering some of my questions though!



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