How do I restore my theme to its original look?

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    I changed the color of the background of the Strange Little Town theme, and the Town is gone from the bottom! How do I restore the original pink background with the buildings at the bottom? I tried to activiate a new theme, then change back to Town, but it still isn’t working.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I loaded the same theme on my test blog and changed the background color and got the same result you did ie. the graphic at the bottom of the theme disappeared. I don’t know if this is intended behavior for this theme or not. I have flagged this thread for Staff attention so you can get an answer to this question from Themes Staff.


    Thanks, timethief!



    Staff have posted this at the support link “Support is closed over the weekend. It will reopen on Monday, November 28th.” so you may want to temporarily switch to using another theme until Monday.


    I wanted to change from Coraline to test a new design, but I didn’t like it and now that I went back to Coraline, what was in my left and right columns are almost gone! Do I have to rebuild everything (images, links, custom image sizes)? :x That will take me a whole day!

    I seek a transition from a political blog to something more neutral. I didn’t expect to lose almost everything.



    When you change themes you get a new theme displaying a “default sidebar display”. Those are not actual widgets. The widgets you currently used have migrated into the Inactive Widgets box here > Appearance > Widgets > Inactive Widgets

    All you have to do is place the widgets in the sidebars and or footer widget areas on the new theme and that will overide the “default sidebar display”.

    Every theme has maximum displayed image widths. When you change themes depending on what that maximum displayed image width is in the new theme as compared to the older one then you may have to resize images.



    Hi @misseytwisted,

    The Strange Little Town theme was designed to hide the town when you set a Custom Background color. To restore the theme back to the way it was, visit Appearance → Background in your Dashboard. Next to the color selection tool (“Select a Color”), you’ll see a “Clear” link. Click that link to remove the background color, and then hit the Save button. View your site to ensure that the town displays.


    Widgets should be preserved whenever you switch themes. What specifically did you notice missing after you switched back to Coraline?

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