How do i reverse the bog posts?

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    How do i reverse the blog posts?
    Good morning…
    I would like to know if there is a facility within WordPress so i may reverse my posts..At present the latest post is shown at the top of the page..but as my new blog is going to be a journey,over a year,say, i want it to read as a story..If the last post shows first it will appear in an unnatural state.

    I know i can have a static front page,but still that will not solve my problem.
    Can you help me with this, please?
    With thanks
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    You can use the procedure outlined in this support page for writing a book.

    You could also use the archive shortcode on a static front page to create a list of posts in ascending order:

    [archives order=asc]


    Link to archives shortcode support page: .



    Thank you for taking the time to get back to me on this..I am at work now but will try and follow the links and get it sorted later.I do have a bit of a silver-surfer-thing going on,so may struggle somewhat,but will give it a go.Thanks again x



    OMG! i have only now had time to look back at my question…’bog’ post..*blush*



    Hello again…Richard..i tell myself i can do this,i can get my blog sorted and have it running how i need it to(chronological order) but my little brain worries at the task ahead..Tell all blogging places automatically do reverse chronical order?…Is a blog by definition reverse chronical order? or is there some place else i can go and have chronological order from the off?…Sure could do with some help here…Thanks in advance.


    Blogs by definition are reverse chronological since many that come to your site are returning visitors and do not want to have to page through a bunch in order to get to your latest post. The only time chronological would make sense on a blog would be for first-time visitors.

    There could be some out there that will allow you to switch to chronological, but I am not aware of any. If there is, it would be one of the more obscure blogging sites.

    You could of course self-host a site using the software from wordpress.ORG on a third-party hosting service and the hack the PHP script theme files to show things chronologically if you have knowledge of PHP scripting.

    The archives shortcode would be automatic and would update each time you posted, so that would be the easier of the two solutions I gave.



    I think there used to be a Plug-in for WordPress.ORG installs that would reverse dates – but give the millions of .ORG sites out there the Plug-in had not been downloaded very many times ( I used it on a test proof of concept site )



    I sincerely appreciate the time you have taken trying to talk me through this.I think the ‘writing a book option’ is the way to go..but i just need to find myself the time to do it.You have been very kind.I continued searching for a simpler solution/option and got a very condescending reply from’ timethief’ which has just about put me off wordpress altogether.You are a good man.Thank you.



    @auxclass thanks for trying to wishes



    I’t’s too bad that you chose to interpret my awkward reply as condescending. I most certainly did not intend it to be interpreted in such a manner, and I do wish you well in all you do.

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