How do I revert to a theme’s original CSS code?

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    Hi there.

    I’ve got a couple of years experience with CSS, but I’ve been tinkering with for just three days, so I have some embarrassingly basic questions. Like this one:

    How do I revert to the default styles of the themes on I’ve altered one a bit, but the changes seem to be imprinted on each theme I now load onto my blog. What I want is to load one of the themes right onto my blog, as-is, and then tinker with the CSS of that theme, rather than confusingly sorting out changes I made to a previous theme. Can you help?




    Deleting the contents of the CSS editing box should do that?
    Save it first though just in case you do want it later.



    Make sure you clear your browser’s cache and do reloads of the pages in question if the old CSS comes back. Your ISP places it’s clients behind proxy servers and you may be looking at cached pages.


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