how do i revert to the basic image uploader?

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    The new drag and drop image loader does not work at all. How do I go back to the old basic photo uploader?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s not possible to revert to what no longer exists. Please see here for guidance on the changes to media handling



    Well the drag and drop does not work at all with my computer.
    I’ve seen the suggestions to update my browser – to types of browsers that also don’t work with my computer. My computer is not some relic, it’s a 2004 tower mac with a massive largely untapped hard drive and a second hard drive. It’s working perfectly, is excellent, and has plenty of space available. I don’t see why after years of excellent wordpress function, that wordpress would kick to the curb users with computers such as mine. WordPress now has limited and primitive functionality as a result. I will certainly not buy a new computer so as to use wordpress’s needlessly changed photo loader. I used to praise wordpress’s problem-free functions and fun operations, and my blog in its modest way was developing an ongoing viewership. Now, there are some fairly dull projects can be taken up there, but it’s depressing and frustrating. So no thanks to the drag and drop system, which is causing me to drag and drop wordpress.

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