How do I rotate the photo I want to use for my blog ICON??

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    The photo I want to use is currently uploading sideways for my blog icon. I’ve deleted it several times, gone into the Media Library and rotated it and hit save…making me nuts.
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    The blog I need help with is



    Are you using an iPhone?


    Nope. This is an HP laptop. My Gravatar is fine just can’t get the *icon* to be right side up instead of sideways. Thanks for asking.


    I ended up renaming it .jpeg instead of .jpg and it worked! Came up heads up (literally) and not sideways. Thanks again timethief for responding.



    Thanks so much for sharing how you resolved this so others benefit.


    timethief, I’m a calligrapher and Trained Chef and amateur photographer and gardener…not a techie at all. I never knew there was a difference in the extensions .jpg and .jpeg but the info for the icon stated “upload your .jpeg or .png” so, finally and in desperation, I copied my .jpg and renamed it (in case it didn’t work) as a .jpeg and was delighted that it did!
    BTW I’ve just “followed” your blog on tips even though I must confess I don’t understand much of it. Steep learning curve ahead for this newbie blogger. Thanks for all your help. Please keep Luddites like me in mind when you write your columns, please. LOL. Much obliged, Miss Maura



    I’m a calligrapher too, though I haven’t done any for a long, long time. I’m also a container gardener. Thanks for following my blog and not to worry – many of my followers are beginner bloggers..

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