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How do I search over here?

  1. How do I search for my friend's wordpress site?
    I noticed the lack of search function... or maybe I am that blind... i am not sure which. But I would expect SEARCH to be a BASIC and IMPORTANT feature in sites like these.
    Then again... i am very new in this... so it could be just me.
    Sorry for the rant.. just frustrated at myself that I can't seem to do something so simple.

    Would appreciate if someone can show me how. Thanks.

  2. Just to add another point... I normally do a search to see if my questions have already been answered before I post... but... I can't seemed to find HOW to do that as well...

  3. there's no search function in unless you're searching for specific tags/categories. if you want to search your friend's blog, any search engine will do. your friend's blog may not turn up in the results though if s/he has kept the blog private.

  4. Ah, Can't seem to find her either? lol i'm having a hard time too =/ I wish this place was better at searching because I know the name it just tells me not found or google can't even find it, bleh. If you find or have found it mind giving me the link? would really appreciate it :D


  5. LOL. This is sad. :P
    Thanks for the info sulz. Appreciate it. :)
    SIGH... my eyes are already tired from all the yahoo searches...
    It just shows I cannot participate in games like treasure hunt and the likes. :P

  6. no problem. perhaps other people might come up with better suggestions, so do check back this thread. =)

  7. The easiest way to find your friend's blog is to send him or her an email and request the blog's url.

    Another way to locate the blog is to search subject matter/category. You can search the tag pages this way by just changing the last word (i.e. category). Example:

    You can also do a Google blog search this way - note the lack of space

    HTH :)

  8. WOW timethief. I've learned something VALUABLE today. THANKS for the tip man. It's just way cool. Didn't know you can search like that.
    *bows humbly in respect* :P

    However, it's sort of a game so I don't know exactly what keyword to search for... but your TIP sure beats me filtering thru NON wordpress sites. :P
    (MY eyes!)

    Thanks again. :)

  9. You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

  10. To Kiluea:

    Found her site btw if you havn't found it already :p

  11. Are you a stalker?

  12. i'm with you ... having a search engine just for helping with would be nice. but that is ok. i have been with WordPress for about 6 months and i still wish there was an easier way to search for things on wordpress.

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