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How do I see all comments in My Comments?

  1. Is there a way to see all the comments that I have made on other blogs? I can only see the first five or so comments and I am unable to figure out how to see the rest of them.

  2. if you want to see all the comments, click the 'reply to thread' link which will take you to the blog page.

  3. I think you've misunderstood my problem. I can't see all the comments that <i>I've</i> made on other people's blogs. I'm looking for something that can get me to the "next page" of my comments.

  4. i don't think it's possible to see everything you've posted on other people's blog. the 'my comments' section only shows the latest comments you've made.

  5. Okay, that sucks, but thanks.

  6. no problem. keep note though when a new comment comes into an old comment you've made it will turn up in 'my comments' as an updated thread of sorts, so you could keep in touch that way with your old comments.

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