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how do I see other blogs with my theme?

  1. HI, I'd like to see a bunch of other blogs with the Modularity Lite by Thad Allender. Just want to see how they use the theme. How do I get to blogs with this theme? Must be something I type in somewhere and they all pull up. Right? What a neat new and upcoming feature to install on WordPress.!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. i have tried to see other blogs in themes, like we can 'preview' our own blogs, but it does not work.

  3. There IS no simple way to do this. You can't even search for the theme name, because when it's even shown in the blog, it's part of the CSS and not searchable by the search box. It's a frequently-requested feature and I recommend you ask staff directly for it, particularly as so many of the new themes are customizable.

  4. You'll have to do some weeding out since forum threads and mixed in with the results, but put the following into the google search box: modularity lite

  5. how can it possible.

  6. thanks everyone, I'm going to ask the staff.

  7. Results of Google search for "Modularity Lite"

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