How do I see the existing CSS for my theme?

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    I’m wondering how I can see what my chosen theme is using for CSS currently, so that I know what I’m trying to customize. If I don’t know what elements are named in the HTML, how can I customize new CSS that will apply to what the HTML is looking for? Any help would be greatly appreciated!




    Go to Design -> Edit CSS in your dashboard. You will see the “CSS Stylesheet” link. Click on it to view your current theme’s stylesheet.


    Wow! You’d think I would have seen that! Thank you SO much!!



    If I downloaded a wordpress blog themehow do I install it? It has a read me text that says I have to upload it to my /wp-content/themes/ directory but I don’t know where that should be…



    @zazine, if you have a blog, you don’t need to download themes. Downloaded themes are for blogs, and if you have one of them, you should not be in this forum as it is a forum.

    For future reference, please provide the link of your blog, and also consider linking it to your name to avoid further confusion. Go to Dasboard -> Users -> Your Profile and fill in the “website” box.



    OK I understand now the difference between the two and I’ll also ask for reference on the other forum…
    Still, the only reason I downloaded a theme in the first place was because i don’t like the ones that are available. I there anyway to get new themes? I already have the CSS editing option activated but I don’t know enough to make my own theme



    If you don’t know CSS then no, there is no way to get a different look here at



    I was just wondering, with the CSS upgrade, is it possible write a completely new layout – ie. not use a theme and edit it? When people ask about CSS, I’ve noticed that most people recommend the Sandbox theme because it is flexible, yet would it be possible to just get a blank and write your own CSS? I understand that this would be extremely difficult; I’d just like to know if it’s possible.



    Yes, it is possible to write a new layout, but it will be an adaptation of Sandbox, because the theme functionality itself involves access to code other than the CSS. Those code bits have to be written somehow…there are ten different kinds of Sandbox, I think, and it’s quite possible to do virtually anything with them. If you need more than that, you need to be at



    Sandbox is as close as it gets to a blank theme. CSS is styling and does not change the underlying functionality of the theme, which is (as I understand it) in the HTML files, which we do not have access to here. So you cannot create a theme from scratch here.



    Okay, thanks.

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