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How do I see who the comment followers are?

  1. I can see that there are comment followers but (a) I think it's incorrect and (b) I can't find how to see who they are so I can check if they are correct.

    Images of how it looks on my blog (3 images, please scroll down):

    Blog url:

  2. There is not a way to view who is following the comment threads on your site. It's something we'll keep in mind for future improvements, though.

  3. Okay. Is there any way you could check if it's correctly showing the number of comment followers? I was sure there could be none as I had only one post and not advertised it anywhere, not even to family, yet there was one comment follower and no comments.

  4. I'm not able to see anything out of the ordinary. It would seem accurate.

    It does seem that you have a number of views on your blog -- learn more about your stats by clicking on the Site Stats tab in your dashboard.

  5. Okay fair enough, just didn't think I'd have had a comment follower so quickly (same day).


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