how do i separate my posts?

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    I searched faq, but no luck. I use the default style, aka Kubrick, because i like the layout, but all of my posts run together, one into the next. can I break them up, so that to see the previous post a reader has to click to it?



    Can we start with a link to your WordPress.COM blog, starting with http://


    you need to put them on different pagesQQQQQQQQQQQQ



    First, in this forum we don’t answer questions unless we make sure we’re talking about a wp.COM and not a wp.ORG blog.

    Second, in this forum we answer in a helpful way. If chrisgilsenan knew HOW to “put them on different pages” he wouldn’t be asking.

    Please stop fooling around here.


    hello again, thanks for the patience here. I dont know what the .org is. my site is

    just trying to separate the pages, and havent been able to figure it out. thanks.


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    Display one post at a time:
    Dashboard > Settings (on the top right) >Reading > Blog pages show at most > type in 1

    Or use the “more” tag to have the first bit of each post show:
    Pay attention to the formatting issues when using this tag.


    In Settings>Reading you set the number of posts displayed in the front page. If you really want them “separated”, set it to 1. Don’t forget to click Save Changes.


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    hi pan!


    thanks to you both!

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