How do I set a daily blog post when I don't have access to the internet every day?

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    I have set up a new blog ‘My Irish Times’. I’m in Ireland for a month and want to post one picture and comment each day. BUT I won’t have access to the internet each day. How can I do this so that when I do have internet access each post is dated consecutively for the day on which it was written regardless of when I get internet access? I mean each post to be dated with a different date (and in date order) when I do have the access i.e. regardless of date of publication (there would be several on the same day). Thank you for your assistance.
    Best wishes from Barbara

    The blog I need help with is



    You have two options that might work. You can schedule your posts:

    Or you can change the date of an already published post (using the same instructions as above).

    Would either of those work?



    Thank you for taking an interest. I often schedule posts; so maybe I can do that and when internet access is restored each post will show the date of the scheduling. And, of course, I forgot about changing the date! I have done this myself in error upon occasion. I think one or other or both would work fine. Thank you,




    Happy to help.

    Enjoy your travels! I’ve only been to Ireland once but it was beautiful.


    Thank you! I’m so looking forward.

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