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How do I set just ONE url for a file I would like to upload?

  1. I am trying to update the pdf file I posted on my blog and It keeps changing the link by adding a sequential number to the end of my file name after I upload it. Cant I just upload a new file and replace the old one without having to repost or change the URL? I would like to just have one URL I can direct people to so that they can see my resume and portfolio but the number changing keeps giving them different versions which are filled with errors and incorrect information.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I need to have a pro account to do this? or is this possible with the free account?

  3. See what Staff say here:

    Here are suggestions:
    1) Instead of giving out direct links to a PDF, create a page with a link to the download, and point people there. That way, you can modify the link to the file whenever you revise it and upload a new version, and folks will always be downloading the latest one.

  4. Thanks for your help timethief...this is all new to me....I am a graphic designer without any knowledge of website design and all of this is completely from left field...and extremely frustrating to try and figure out without any formal education. Unfortunately I was not taught this stuff when I was in school because it was two entirely different degrees at the time and more and more people are expecting me to have knowledge of this AND design without any understanding of what the difference is between a DEVELOPER and a DESIGNER...argh...anyhow...there's my rant for today...thanks again for your help...hopefully I can figure out what all of it means now...ha!

  5. Thanks and thanks! You are a lifesaver!

  6. You're welcome.

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