How do I set one post to stay at top?

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    I put a slideshow in a post yesterday and would like it to stay at the top of my main page (recent posts). Is there a way to select (freeze, lock) one post to stay at the top of all other recent posts? Basically, I want to keep my slideshow posted just under my header and have all recent posts show up below it…


    There isn’t a way to do that automatically. What you will have to do is each time you make a new post, edit the post you want to stay at the top and change the timestamp to after the previous post.

    Alternately, if the post isn’t too long, you could put the information in a text widget at the top of your sidebar.



    Assuming that your blog is hosted here at, the only way to do it is to change the date and time stamp on the post. We can’t do sticky posts here, although it has been requested. And you might want to link your username to your blog to make it easier for volunteers in the forum to help.


    They do have a .COM blog – if this is the one they are talking about: .



    Thanks! Appreciate the help (even though the answer was “Nope, can’t do it!”- sigh.) and I did link up my username to my blog – great tip, Vivian!


    Thanks for linking it, it will help us in the future.

    I am pretty sure that in the future, there will be a “sticky post” feature here although no one knows a time frame. Perhaps a month or two, but I refuse to be held to that (I’m not staff).



    Being able to quickly and easily change the order of the posts is an important feature. I hope WordPress is aware of this. I’m really surprised that it’s not already included in the software. Thanks for the helpful posts.




    Guess this thread needs updating now that we have Sticky posts.


    Staff should probably just close this one so it doesn’t lead people (who don’t read all the way down) astray.



    Makes sense :)

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