How do I set “show summaries only in main page”?

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    I’ve tried Settings/Reading/For each article in a feed show” and I’ve choosen “Summary”, but it doesn’t work as I expect. What I’m trying to do is, instead of showing complete articles in main page, just show a summary of each.
    This is my page:
    And this one works as I want for mine:

    Thanks in advance.

    José C.



    Do you want a summary, a short version of the post, or the first few lines of the post to show on the first page?


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    I’m not certain what you are asking, but if you want to make excerpts:


    @1tess: Better forget the excerpt function; in many themes it doesn’t work.

    @josecarlosmartinezgalan: I suppose you mean the “Leer el resto” tab. See here:

    Pay great attention to the note on “Formatting Issues”.



    The problem with the more tag is that it will split all your posts, not just the posts on the main page. You will need to manually delete the more tag once it has shifted off the main page.

    Personally, I use the more tag for all my posts, but some don’t recommend this as viewers may not be bothered to read more, which gives you less hits. But I like the look of the more tag; it makes everything neat and short so the scroll bar doesn’t have to go on forever. If this is what you’re looking for, the more tag is your solution :)


    Whyh is that a problem, lizii, and why delete the more tag once a post is off the main page? It continues to serve the exact same purpose (when you click to view an older entries page, or click on any archive page (category, recent posts etc.).



    Oh, I was referring to jose’s “show summaries only in main page” idea, saying that it would need to be deleted if he wanted the whole post to show in the older entries.


    Ah I see! I think the “only” refers to “summaries”, not to “in main page”.



    There are some themes that will do it automatically, although I can’t remember off the top of my head. Chaotic Soul? Hemingway?


    Raincoaster: Chaotic Soul and Hemingway (Ocean Mist too) display titles only. For post excerpts, here’s the comlete list:



    Ah, thanks!


    No don’t thank me – wrong list, wrong list! That’s for archive pages. For the main page I don’t remember either (but it’s not ChaoticSoul or Hemingway).


    Thanks to all for the replies. I’ll try your suggestions and see if I manage to get the desired effect. (Sorry for not answering before, I just didn’t think you’d be so fast!).

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