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How do I set up a give away incentive to encourage new followers?

  1. alwaysquilting

    I posted this question a couple of days ago but think I must have sent it to the wrong spot as I haven't had any responses.

    How can I send a message to subscriber/followers AFTER they have confirmed that they chose to follow my blog?

    I want to offer a free E-Book to subscribers but can only see an option for a single email message asking subscribers/followers to confirm that they opted to receive email messages.

    Once they have confirmed I want to be able to automatically send them a second email with the link to download the E-Book.
    Jenny Scott
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  2. As far as I know (if been a blogger for 3 years this October) there is no way to find a subscriber's email address unless you manually typed in there email and sent them a request to follow your blog! I suggest to create a page with a title, (along the lines of) "Free E-Book with Superscription" and have a form were they put there name, username and email.
    Hope that helps!

  3. alwaysquilting

    Thank you for responding.

    I was hoping for a way to set up a second auto-responder that would send the subscriber/follower an email after they had confirmed that they had been the person to subscribe to the blog.

    That may end up being what I have to do manually.

    PS: You are meant to be able to down load the subscriber contact details as a .csv file. I haven’t tried this but it was one of the response that I found as I searched this Forum

  4. Caution on the use of a subscriber list - people sign up to be notified of new Posts - not spammed by the blog owner - in many countries using the subscriber email for ANYTHING other than subscriptions is illegal - the only legal way is to have a contact form for people to request the free ebook when they subscribe - yes that is two steps -

  5. alwaysquilting

    Thank you for this reminder. I had already thought about using a message in the post that I used to announce the E-book offer telling current subscribers to request the link to the book.

    What I am really looking for is a way that I can send the link to NEW subscribers. A four step subscriber /follow process:
    1. the reader subscribes
    2. They receive the automated message from wordpress asking them to confirm that they did subscribe
    3. They respond to this to opt in / confirm their subscription
    4. A second automated email is sent saying "thank you here is the link to your Free E-book"

    I've seen this on other websites/blogs. I can set this up on my website but really want to use it on my blog to build the readership.

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