How do I set up a password on a blog so only certain people can see the blog?

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    I would like to set up a password that once people click on the blog they would have to know and type in before they can see anything or do anything with the blog. I cant figure out how to do that. I can do it on the “about the leaders” page, but not before they actually get to the page. If you could help me please that would be great. Thank you! Have a great day

    The blog I need help with is




    The following link will help: Deleting Accounts



    Sorry, posted the wrong message.

    You can password protect individual posts. And you can also make them private, accessible only for invited users.

    This should provide you with more info on the options: Post Visibility




    I dont want to invite them, I just want to give them the password and they sign in to see it. Is there a way to do that? just wondering. Thank you!
    – Amber



    You can password-protect individual posts, not the whole blog; that setting is on the right-hand side of the Write Post page. If you want a private blog, you need to set that under Settings->Reading and then Invite them via their email addresses or IDs.

    There is no way to password-protect an entire blog, short of doing it for every post.

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