How do I set up my blog to notify me when a contributor submits a post?

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    I have a blog set up with several people added as contributors that can submit posts for review by an administrator before making them public online. Is there a setting so I get a notification by email when someone submits a post for review?


    No can do.

    Why not just ask your contributors to e-mail you once they’ve submitted a post?



    You could always subscribe to your feed



    The feed suggestion wouldn’t work as the post is in the queue to be reviewed. It only shows up in the feed after it’s been approved by an editor or an admin.

    I can’t think of anything either right off either.



    [BUMP] I’m wondering the same thing. It’s not even that easy to see pending posts – I was hoping that they’d show up in the main “Your Stuff” section of the dashboard, but they don’t, so when you’re moderating several blogs, you have to go to the Posts area of each to see if there’s anything there awaiting review.

    Any ideas on how to make this easier??


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