How Do I Set Up Ratings?

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    There’s not enough ‘plain English’ happening in regard to the subject of setting up the ‘ratings’ feature on I see lots of words and questions and answers and I’m not getting anywhere. I tried to set this up – it looks easy enough – but to no avail. It appears that I need a widget but my available widgets don’t include anything called ‘ratings’ or ‘Polldaddy’. Is that the simple answer? Am I stuck because Kubrick doesn’t support this widget and feature? It would be odd that I can ‘appear’ to set up the feature if I can’t ‘actually’ set up the feature. What am I missing here good people?

    The blog I need help with is


    Did you read through this?

    It doesn’t go in a widget. It goes in posts, pages or comments.



    As I said, It seemed straightforward. I’ll look again later. It’s some little thing I’m missing that is not being pointed out ‘in plain English’.



    It looks like I don’t see the ratings feature when I click on my own blog, unless I click on an individual post, which I did and there it was. I’ll figure it out I guess.


    Yeah, I think they only appear on the single-post pages, not on the main blog page.

    Anyway, glad they are showing up for you.



    Yes, they DO only appear on single-post pages. It’s like the WordPress Like button. The other Sharing buttons appear in the main blog page, but those do not.



    It does seem like an oversight in my opinion. If one has entire posts showing on one’s front page, then why would a reader click on the title of the individual post? But it’s not important to me and I’m done with this matter. Thanks for the responses. It’s always nice to chat a wee bit no matter what the topic is. :-)


    Well, with my blog, the bulk of hits are directly to individual single-post pages, not to the blog main page. The only ones that hit my blog main page are those that have bookmarked my blog and come from that bookmark.

    And if someone is using the more tag on posts, then do you really want them “liking” or rating your post from the snippet on the main page without reading the entire post? I would rather they read the entire post and then decide how they are going to rate it rather than from a snippet on the main page.

    Just sayin’…



    For sure sacredpath. I, however, don’t use the ‘more’ feature, preferring instead to limit my posts to I think it’s five post per page. But, yes, you do make some points. I don’t even know whether I’ll keep the rating feature. I’m just trying it. Getting some opinions from other WP users like yourself about it will help me decide. Later…

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