How do I show comments below a blog entry?

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    I would like to have comments show up under the blog post that they relate to. How can I do this??
    Thank you in advance for your help.

    The blog I need help with is


    You mean in the main posts page? You cannot. Comments only show up when you view a single complete post.



    Thank you panaghiotisadam.



    I created a blog which has just one post on it, and I plan on leaving it that way. I have few comments which I do wish to always show. Basically, when someone goes to I’d like to have it act like they went to which DOES show the comments below.
    Is there any way to force/assume the ?p=1 as a parameter if it’s not entered? (Like adding some php code somewhere?)


    We need a link to your blog starting with http:// before we can help. We cannot help if we cannot see the blog, and there is also a chance you are in the wrong forum.

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